Why do you call yourself “Creeky”?

It’s a wordplay on the whole name of the studio.

For starters most of you know I love dogs, we have

three of them. We also have two creeks where we

live. I wear Big Dog brand t-shirts all the time. And

these days, as I’m getting older, I’m feeling a

little creaky cuz my body doesn’t wanna do some

of the things it used to do!!! But the good news is

I can still do music!!!

Can I be a part of the song creation process?

Not usually, but if you’ve been fully vaccinated and

can play/sing your instrument well, then maybe, but

it depends on the time constraints and other things.

However, if you want to do a small speaking part

to say how much they mean to you, I’ll work it out

so that you can do that.

What styles of music do you play?

I specialize in country, folk and bluegrass, but can

also do pop, rock, jazz and blues.

How many personalized songs have you written?

Over 150 so far, in every style I mentioned above

and then some, including reggae.

What hours do you work in the studio?

I’m retired so it all depends on what is waiting to be

created. Any time I am hired to write and record a

song for someone it goes to the top of the list.

Why are personalized songs so expensive?

When you look at other websites that do this, you

will find that I’m very reasonable. The average song

will take 10 to 15 hours to produce correctly. This

includes writing lyrics, creating chords & melodies,

recording tracks, mixing it, and mastering the song.

How do I know I will like the finished song?

It’s been my experience that everyone I’ve ever

done a song for has absolutely loved it. Whoever

is receiving the song has probably never had one

written just for them before, and when they hear

their song it will be an amazing experience.

Can I get one or more copies on CD?

Yes, but it takes time to burn CDs, and the cost of

mailing them and/or meeting you somewhere to

give them to you will be an extra charge, so please

feel free to inquire about it.

Can a song be super-rushed in 24 hours?

For those last minute “don’t know what to get

them” gifts, it’s possible depending on what time

I can start the song, but that means a very long

day in the studio so there will be a surcharge of

$100, for a total of $299. If this is something you

are interested in let me know when you call.